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Update for 2018: The deal just got even better! Our Toronto Lyft promo code is now double the value at $20 in Lyft ride credits!

If you are a loyal rideshare user in downtown Toronto or the GTA you have probably heard that Lyft has come to town.  The service is very similar and at Code Ryder we are not sure which one is superior yet in the rideshare competitor vs. Lyft debate.

Click here to sign up and get the $20 promo code

For new user accounts we have a great promo code for Toronto for new users to get $10 credit on their account at signup.  This is currently the best promo code we could find as far as discounts online.  Sorry existing users, there is no Toronto promo code for you yet.

After signing up and getting your first $20 promo Toronto code applied, you can easily earn even more free credits with a few strategies below:

1) Refer friends online

You can use your referral link to send more invites to your friends.  Since Lyft in Toronto is so new there is a good chance they haven’t used it yet!

2) Look for flyers or handouts in town

This probably works better if you live or work in the downtown Toronto area or a larger city, but sometimes brands will pass out more exclusive credit codes on the street for promotions that can even be applied to existing accounts.  I haven’t seen one yet for Lyft specifically but always good to keep a look out.

3) Watch social media

Give the official pages a follow or just check randomly to see if they drop any more promo codes.  Links to some profiles below:

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the code TERRY15654 to get the same credit:

Lyft Promo Code Toronto


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